In the latest episode of "Let's Get Clear," Kellen Finney of 8th Revolution and James Granger, Chief Political Officer at Cliintel Capital Management Group, share insights on finding inspiration, evaluating ideas, and taking courageous leaps to shape your future. They highlight the importance of thorough research and honest evaluation of ideas. For taking bold steps, they emphasize embracing uncertainty, building a support network, and staying resilient.
In our latest episode of Let's Get CLEAR, we had an enlightening conversation with Dan Wilkewitz about achieving greatness through passion, suffering, and sacrifice. Dan, a multifaceted professional, shared insights on how true passion involves perseverance, how sacrifices are necessary for long-term gains, and the importance of developing consistent habits. Tune in to learn the five steps to overcoming challenges and staying on the path to success.
In the podcast "Let's Get Clear," Monica Pina and Esa Oittinen of Clear Cannabis Inc. discuss the importance of focus groups in developing a new low-dose cannabis tablet set to launch in Q3 2024. This episode highlights how consumer feedback helps refine products, align them with market needs, and shape effective marketing strategies, showcasing the tablet's potential to meet diverse consumer preferences.
Lynsey Lee, an entrepreneur who overcame personal adversity, including her mother's death and her own diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, to create Mama Bear CO, a company specializing in CBD products and she works for Clear Cannabis Inc. selling The CLEAR brands.
In the complex intersection of venture capital, politics, and conspiracies, venture capitalists navigate uncertain futures while politicians regulate for both present and future scenarios. The latest episode of Let's Get CLEAR explores how deep corporate influence extends into government through powerful lobbying efforts. Meanwhile, conspiracy theories flourish amidst social and cultural debates, questioning the motives behind significant political and economic maneuvers.
In this week's podcast Henry Mobley, an expert in personal and organizational development, discusses strategies to manage overwhelm in our fast-paced world. He emphasizes understanding our ability to change our mindset and outlines steps like seeking support, shifting narratives, and setting clear personal visions. Mobley also explores leadership's role in improving organizational health by aligning individual and corporate goals. The episode provides practical advice on staying organized with daily planning, using technology effectively, and regular reflection to maintain focus and prevent overwhelm. This approach helps individuals and organizations thrive by fostering a supportive and productive environment.
In the latest episode of "Let's Get Clear," Thuy Vu discusses the intricate world of regulations, to highlight the broader impact of regulations on safety, quality, and innovation. She shares insights from her experiences transitioning from public health to consulting, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between regulators and businesses to foster innovation while ensuring consumer safety. This episode offers valuable perspectives on navigating and leveraging regulations across various industries.
Delve into the creative process with Anthony Greenz, a professional entertainer. He sheds light on his journey as a creator, deeply immersed in the artistic world of Los Angeles. Throughout our discussion, Anthony provides personal insights into how his sensory experiences, particularly with music and movement have heightened his tactile awareness and have shaped his artistic endeavors over the years.
Join Monica Pina, SVP of Investor Relations at Client Capital Management Group, a venture capital firm based in Colorado, as she explores the dynamic world of cannabis insurance in this episode of "Let's Get Clear." Monica sits down with Madeleine Braha, a seasoned professional in the cannabis insurance industry, to unravel the complexities and challenges of ensuring businesses in the rapidly evolving cannabis market. Madeleine sheds light on the intricacies of providing coverage in an industry fraught with federal illegality, high risks, and limited market access. Whether you're a cannabis industry enthusiast, business owner, or simply curious about the intersection of insurance and cannabis, this episode of "Let's Get Clear" offers a compelling exploration into a niche yet crucial aspect of the cannabis market.