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13 Industry Leaders Pay Tribute To Charlotte Figi, A Hero Of The CBD Movement

Charlotte Figi suffered her first seizure when she was three months old and on Wednesday, her mother Paige Figi’s Facebook page updated a previous post to announce Charlotte “is seizure free forever.” The 13-year-old was hospitalized earlier this month with pneumonia, which caused her seizures to return and resulted in respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. She died peacefully in her mother’s arms on April 8, 2020.

Rick Batenburg III

Rick Batenburg III Of Clear Cannabis Inc. Gets Gritty On Cannabis VC

Rick Batenburg III=RB: I am from Loveland, Colorado. The short answer on B-school is, yes, I graduated second in my class at Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts. However, my business education began decades earlier while going to the office with my father and learning negotiation and investment prowess through osmosis. I have two mentors: First and foremost, my father, Rich Batenburg Jr., and professionally I am mentored by Jim Jungjohann, a hedge fund manager.

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Meet the father-son cannabis investment firm guiding cannabis businesses

The only firm licensed to invest in Colorado cannabis companies is a father-son team with roots in finance, yes, but also comedy and cable television. Cliintel Capital Management Group is the one investment fund that’s been blessed by the state with the “Qualified Institutional Investor” designation, a classification and term created by state Senate Bill 16-040 that became law in 2017. It allows “qualified institutional investors” to own as much as 30 percent of a retail or medical cannabis business.