Four Reasons You Should Be More Spontaneous

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In this week's episode of "Let's Get Clear," James Granger, Chief Political Officer at Cliintel Capital Management Group, takes us through his transformative experience of learning to be spontaneous. He shares the importance of speaking from the heart and embracing vulnerability, shedding light on the effectiveness of genuine communication over scripted narratives.




The Transformative Experience of Spontaneity 

In this week’s episode of Let’s Get Clear, James Granger, Chief Political Officer at Cliintel Capital Management Group,

takes us through his transformative experience of learning to be spontaneous. He shares the importance of speaking from the heart and embracing vulnerability, shedding light on the effectiveness of genuine communication over scripted narratives.


Predictability Can Reduce Stress 

By nature, I do not enjoy spontaneity; structure and schedules bring perceived safety and reliability to my life. Maybe I prefer consistency because I don’t have siblings, because I am a Virgo, or because I am human, and predictability reduces stress and improves efficiency. Regardless of the reason, when James and I started working on the podcast, my immediate response was to create checklists, scripts, spreadsheets, and anything I could do to ensure a podcast episode would go exactly how I planned.


Spontaneity is the Method of Choice

On the other hand, James wanted to simply hit the record button and see what happened. The thought of haphazardly recording our conversation without knowing what to expect gave me hives. By happenstance, I recorded James explaining why he believes spontaneity is the method of choice. When I listened to the recording, I could see he made a good point, and that portion of our conversation made the final cut in the episode.


The idea for this episode was to discuss an insightful webinar series James is working on to address health, safety, testing, and responsible product development within the cannabis industry. Click here to check out the webinar series.

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Benefits of Spontaneity 

However, James’s advice about not planning everything stuck with me. I enjoy structure and schedules; however, living a totally structured life often leaves me feeling a little burned out, like my only purpose is to mark items off the to-do list. So, I researched to determine if a spontaneous life has any benefits. It turns out that James is right; learning to let go can positively affect mental health.


1. Spontaneity Infuses Novelty into Experiences

Structure and schedules are efficient but limit opportunities for personal growth, joy, and fun. The beauty of spontaneity lies in its ability to inject a sense of adventure and creativity into life. It acts as a catalyst for breaking free from monotony, infusing freshness and novelty into daily experiences.  


2. Spontaneity Boosts Creativity 

I never considered myself creative, but when I break free from rigid plans and embrace the unexpected, new ideas and perspectives come to me quickly. Dr. KH KIM, a professor at the College of William & Mary, how over-analyzing a problem inhibits the ability to come up with a solution. One way to add spontaneity is to alter your routine and leave unplanned time throughout the day.


3. Spontaneity Helps Curate Social Connections 

“According to life coaching consultants Myers-Davis, being more spontaneous could help you become better at forming bonds with people and getting them to open up.” Spontaneously grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, trying a new restaurant, and attending an event at the last minute led me to novel conversations, meeting new people, and deepening social connections. Since COVID-19, it has been effortless to ignore my need to socialize. However, through social interaction, I always learn something new, hear fascinating stories, and am overcome with the goodness in the world I had essentially tuned out. So many of my ideas for marketing content develop from conversations I would never have had if I had stayed home locked in the drive to get things marked off of my to-do list.


4. Change is the Only Constant 

No matter how hard I try, I can never keep “the perfect schedule” because the unexpected always happens. Every spontaneous decision is an opportunity to build resilience and adaptability that help me navigate life’s uncertainties. Life changes constantly, so I should be comfortable with it. James Van Praagh said it best, “You don’t need to stress and strain to make things happen. If you try to control outcomes, you will miss what the universe sends you.” Trusting my ability to handle the unexpected and not trying to plan for every outcome helps me remain stress-free and happy regardless of the chaos in my daily life.


Find Joy and Enrich Your Life 

In a world that often values structure and predictability, embracing spontaneity is a powerful antidote to the routine-driven grind.  Embracing the unplanned, whether in personal challenges or business ventures, can lead to a more fulfilling and enriched life. Let spontaneity be your compass, guiding you toward authenticity, creativity, and positive change. The next time an opportunity for spontaneity arises, say “yes” and let the adventure unfold; some of life’s most beautiful moments are the ones we never planned. After all, the journey is yours – find joy and enrich your life.


We hope you will join us for upcoming episodes of Let’s Get CLEAR where we unravel the mysteries of the venture capital world, explore industry trends, and share intriguing stories.  

“Let’s Get CLEAR” is an enriching podcast created by Cliintel Capital Management Group, offering thought-provoking conversations and reliable information on a variety of topics. Hosted by Monica Pina, SVP Investor Relations and James Granger, Chief Political Officer, the podcast blurs the lines between podcasting and catching up with old friends, creating delightful and insightful conversations.
The podcast delves into the world of venture capital, highlighting Cliintel Capital Management’s specialization in investing in startups and small companies with long-term growth potential.

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