About us

Founded in 2015 by a father-son duo with a longstanding family history of innovation, Cliintel equips growth-oriented companies across the cannabis supply chain and other emerging “vice” industries with the tools and support necessary to succeed in making their vision a reality.

Bet on the person not the deal-Rich Batenburg Jr.

By focusing on the person, not the deal, Cliintel truly connects ideas, people and resources to create value. Initially concentrated on the cannabis sector, the people-driven venture capital firm empowers investors to navigate heavily regulated industries and the challenges those assets can present. Through exclusive investment knowledge and operational experience, Cliintel assists companies on the cutting edge with capital strategy, strategic partnerships, corporate governance compliance, investor relations, organizational structure and business acumen to mitigate the risks a new business faces and boost profitability. 

History of the family

Construction Begins

Construction begins on Batenburg Castle, aka Kasteel Batenburg, in the Gelderland province of the Netherlands.

Family U-Knighted
Family U-Knighted

Dr. Michael John Van Basten Batenburg is knighted by the queen of the Netherlands for service to the poor.

4 Wheel Drive Patent
O.JF. Betenburg Driving and Steering Axle Patent Feb. 28, 1922

Peter Joseph (PJ) Batenburg helped engineer four-wheel drive technology and secured dozens of patents around electroplating.

Marketing Runs in the Family

Michael John Batenburg traveled around the Midwest with his father, PJ, selling grain-harvesting inventions to farmers. He eventually became the head of marketing and advertising at Pittsburgh Plate Glass.

1984 - 2008
Experts in Leadership

Richard Michael Batenburg (Dick) served as regional director at Tandem Inc. and Western U.S. area vice president at Oracle.

The Next Generation of Innovation

Richard Michael Batenburg Jr. (Rich) and Richard Michael Batenburg III (Rick) leveraged combined program management and financial advising expertise to launch Cliintel Capital.

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At Cliintel Capital, our mission is to create value for stakeholders and portfolio companies through unique funding opportunities, our deep, meaningful diligence process and strategic guidance that equips portfolio companies to grow and succeed.


With a vision to continue to lead in investment across various business categories, especially high-risk emerging markets, Cliintel is uniquely qualified to assess viability quickly and understand where a deal might fit within the larger scope, thereby providing accredited investors investment opportunities with more ROI than is possible in public markets.


  • People-focused approach
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Strategy
  • Foresight
  • Innovation
  • Dynamism
  • Clever creativity
  • Impact

The Team

Richard M Batenburg Jr

Fund Manager

An experienced operations-oriented executive with proven success in managing all aspects of business, from strategy through tactical planning and execution, Richard Batenburg Jr. is Cliintel Capital’s chief executive officer and fund manager. In his role, Richard specializes in the

acquisition, optimization and management of businesses, with deep experience in establishing strategies to maximize profitability. In addition to his role at Cliintel, Richard serves as chairman of the board at Clear Cannabis, Inc. and holds managing positions at Batmann Consulting, Inc.; BATMANN Capital, LLC; Bonsai Cultivation; and BB Talent, LLC. Before co-founding Cliintel, Richard worked as an executive at AT&T, Comcast and Sun Microsystems, and he has founded, owned and operated businesses across different industries. He is the author of “Change is Great: BE FIRST” and received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University.

Rick Batenburg

Chief Investment Officer

An entrepreneur and venture capitalist focused on emerging markets, specifically cannabis, Rick Batenburg is Cliintel Capital’s chief investment officer.

In this role, Rick is responsible for raising capital, structuring deals and managing deal flow, investor relations, and combining resources and capital to create meaningful value. Prior to co-founding Cliintel, Rick spent three years at Merrill Lynch as an advisor specializing in private equity and alternative investments. Rick in 2014 founded and continues to operate the Breckenridge Vipers, a semi-professional hockey team competing in the Mountain West Hockey League. Rick manages both the players and the business aspects of the team. Rick also serves on the board of directors of Global Orphan Prevention and Clear Cannabis, Inc. He received his bachelor’s degree from Nichols College.

Monica Pina

SVP, Investor Relations
A committed, self-motivated and positive investor relations professional, Monica Pina is Cliintel Capital’s vice president of investor relations. In her position, Monica manages communication between Cliintel Capital, its portfolio companies and its investors.

Leveraging nearly two decades experience in business development and organizational operations, she oversees all aspects of company operations and is responsible for strategizing and implementing processes and procedures to promote business scalability. Monica also helps maintain accurate and in-depth knowledge of each portfolio company’s financial community, anticipates market changes and trends that can affect profitability, and assists with outreach marketing, social activities and events. Prior to joining Cliintel, Monica served as a broker associate at Workman & Associates. She received her bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University and her master’s from the University of Colorado Denver.