Founded by Rick and Richard Batenburg in Denver CO in 2015, Cliintel Capital Management Group was created to provide funding to emerging market companies. Being in venture capital means being the centralized ignition point to connect ideas, people and resources. Creating something where there was nothing is the best way we know how to contribute to our society that has given us so much.

CCMG was designed specifically to allow our investors to navigate the heavily regulated industries and the challenges those assets can present. We are focused on creating clean, reliable, and consistent experiences by controlling the contents of our family of products through intellectual property and standard operational procedures.

Major verticals include growing, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, media, compliance, training, data, marketing, and financing. We are always looking for innovators, dreamers, ideas and the humans that can get it done. Bet on the person, not the deal.

We are a team.

We have been working together for 30 years, building companies in everything from consumer products, media and technology. We want to help you put the pieces together to create something where there was nothing. 

Richard M Batenburg Jr

Chief Executive Officer 

Richard M Batenburg III

Chief Investment Officer

Monica Pina

VP Investor Relations