Cliintel Capital Management Group, LLC

November 2015, Cliintel Capital Management Group was created to provide funding to cannabis. The nature of our structure and funds exist to allow us to navigate the heavily regulated industries of finance and cannabis.

Founded by seasoned business professionals, the principles have been building a distribution and brand engine ready to create household names in cannabis. We are focused on creating clean, reliable, and consistent THC & CBD experiences by controlling the contents of our family of products through intellectual property and standard operational procedures.

Our Flagship brand, ‘The CLEAR’ is one of the most well recognized and distributed products in the US today. The company takes an aggressive growth and acquisition stance in the cannabis market by giving us a large infrastructure to grow additional brands.

CCMG manages the investment licensing, banking relationships and the financial instruments to provide funding.
The portfolio companies also provide fee-based operational management to the holdings and our consultancy clients. The shared resource model allows us to mitigate expenses of business functions, specifically: compliance regulations, training, best practices, customer retention management, enterprise software, logistics, marketing, website SEO, banking, accounting, HR and general strategic direction.

Major verticals include growing, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, media, compliance, training, data,
marketing, and financing. These numbers account for the various vertical intergeneration of assets acquired, owned and operated by CCMG

CCMG Executive Team

Richard M Batenburg Jr.

Operations oriented executive with proven success in managing all aspects of business from strategic through tactical planning and execution. Excellent communication skills developed over years of directing the marketing, sales, promotion, publicity and public relations for both public and private companies. Proven leadership capabilities in consolidating and standardizing technology infrastructure, business processes and practices, and establishing strategies to maximize the company’s profitability while reducing overall costs. Expert in the end to end process design and optimization. Author " Change is Great...BE FIRST"

Richard M Batenburg III

Being a venture capitalist means being the centralized ignition point to connect ideas, people and resources. Creating something where there was nothing is the best way I know how to contribute to our society that has given us so much.

Spent 3.5 years playing Jr. Hockey in Canada before going to College for Business at Nichols College in Mass where I graduated 2nd in my class. Cut my teeth at Merrill Lynch actively managing at my peak 170MM. I also executed the syndicate 'buys' for IPOs and secondary issues. I developed a specialty in bringing private equity alternatives to my portfolio where I developed a taste for venture capital and began looking for an entry point outside of the constraints of a large firm.

In 2015, Colorado my father and I formed Cliintel Capital Management Group (CCMG), a venture firm focused on emerging markets and more specifically cannabis. CCMG became the first Qualified Institutional Investment capital firm In Colorado. 

Monica Pina

Ms. Pina oversees all aspects of company operations and is responsible for strategizing and implementing processes and procedures to promote seamless, successful scaling of the business. Maintains accurate and in-depth knowledge of the community, manages schedules and budgets goals, anticipates market changes and trends that can affect profitability, assists with marketing and promotions, communicates openly, attends and assists with activities and social events. Acts as a gatekeeper for daily management develops and monitors the standards for success. Conducts research and resolves issues. Processes all invoices and all AP concerns. Proficient in various software applications including, Microsoft Office, and Outlook. Committed, self-motivated, positive and contributes to the overall success of a project.


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