About the Firm

Who is the Cliintel Capital Management Group?

November 2015, Cliintel Capital Management Group was created to provide funding to cannabis. The nature of our structure and funds exist to allow us to navigate the heavily regulated industries of finance and cannabis. Internal partner capital was utilized to form a due diligence baseline, as cannabis is an emerging market- this was our first objective in finding viable and profitable entry points. We found our entry points by using the experience of our management team evaluating high risk ventures for a combined 50 years.

CCMG manages the investment licensing, banking relationships and the financial instruments to provide funding.
The portfolio companies also provide fee-based operational management to the holdings and our consultancy clients. The shared resource model allows us to mitigate expenses of business functions, specifically: compliance regulations, training, best practices, customer retention management, enterprise software, logistics, marketing, website SEO, banking, accounting, HR and general strategic direction.

Our consultancy enables us to evaluate possible acquisitions while being paid to do so. We have invested heavily in infrastructure. Most individual assets are performing quite well, others requiring our further investment as we continue to grow.

Major verticals include growing, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, media, compliance, training, data,
marketing, and financing. These numbers account for the various vertical intergeneration of assets acquired, owned and operated by CCMG

CCMG Executive Team

Richard M Batenburg Jr.

 Fund Manager. 25yr Venture Capital & Angel Investor & Operator.

Richard M Batenburg III

Investor Relations. Ex-Merrill Lynch Private Equity Specialist & Held Series 7/66 

Monica Pina

Ms. Pina oversees all aspects of company operations and is responsible for strategizing and implementing processes and procedures to promote seamless, successful scaling of the business.


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