4 Advantages of Creativity in Business

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Delve into the creative process with Anthony Greenz, a professional entertainer. He sheds light on his journey as a creator, deeply immersed in the artistic world of Los Angeles. Throughout our discussion, Anthony provides personal insights into how his sensory experiences, particularly with music and movement have heightened his tactile awareness and have shaped his artistic endeavors over the years.

Venture Capital & Creativity


By definition, venture capital is an investment in a project with a substantial element of risk, typically a new or expanding business.

The process behind the invention is fascinating, and in venture capital, we hear captivating stories about the development of new ideas. Innovation is inextricably associated with creativity.


At Cliintel Capital, we invest not only in the idea but also the individual behind the deal. Since we are so interested in individual stories, we are creating a series of episodes for the Let’s Get Clear podcast to explore creative individuals and their innovative processes.



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Anthony Greenz

The first episode in this series uncovers the fascinating world of Anthony Greenz, who is featured in Episode 13 of the “Let’s Get CLEAR” podcast. 


Anthony’s narrative is a mesmerizing journey through dance, circus performances, and the formation of an artist collective. It is a testament to the boundless realms of artistic expression.



Hosted by Monica Pina, the SVP of Investor Relations for Cliintel Capital Management Group, this episode dives deep into the intricate relationship between creativity and altered mind states.


Anthony’s creative voyage began with an early enchantment by the color green. This fascination was not just with the hue itself but what it represented—the lushness of plant life and, by extension, life itself. His appreciation for the color green blossomed in the concrete jungles of Los Angeles, where Anthony carved a niche for himself in the performing arts after graduating from Chapman University.


His story vividly illustrates how sensory experiences can amplify one’s artistic endeavors without sacrificing productivity or well-being. Anthony candidly shared how cannabis profoundly influenced his perception of music and movement, heightening his tactile awareness. This altered state of consciousness facilitated a deeper engagement with his artistic pursuits, allowing him to explore the realms of physical movement and artistic beauty with unprecedented depth.


Anthony articulates a nuanced understanding of how substances, when used intentionally, can enhance one’s connection to their work and the world around them. This perspective challenges the prevailing narratives that often associate cannabis with lethargy and unproductiveness.


Moreover, Anthony’s endeavors, from participating in global music festivals to establishing an artist collective in downtown L.A., underscore the essence of creativity. His collective, Creatington, is a beacon of artistic collaboration and innovation. The boundaries between reality and imagination blur in this space, offering a sanctuary for artists to thrive and experiment.


Anthony Greenz’s journey is a compelling narrative about how embracing one’s unique sensory experiences and challenging conventional stereotypes can lead to profound artistic expression and the infinite potential of the human spirit to innovate and create, driven by passion and a deep connection to the world around us. It reminds us that the creative process is as diverse as those who embark on it. Creativity knows no bounds; authentic artistic expression often occurs in unexpected places. Continue listening to this series about creativity on episode 23, when we talk to Riker Lynch, an American singer and actor.

4 Benefits of Creativity in Business
  1. Enables alternative ways of thinking and solving problems, encourages questions, and nurtures teamwork.
  2. Increases productivity by encouraging efficient solutions to improve workflow. In a creative and innovative environment, teams instinctively work smarter instead of harder, boosting output. 
  3. Creativity improves adaptability through out-of-the-box thinking. The best answer is often the most imaginative, not the most complicated. Adaptability gives the space to pivot and adjust business models in real-time. 
  4. Promotes a growth mindset, providing a leadership edge to tackle challenges. Creativity encourages lifelong learning, where improvement is always possible through effort.



Be sure to join us next week when we explore the vast landscapes of venture capital, industry trends, and the stories from Thuy Vu, a public health advocate and consumer protection specialist, as she discusses the intricate balance between manufacturers and consumer safety. This episode provides behind-the-scenes information if you have ever thought about any product’s ingredients or wondered why recalls happen. Public health and consumer safety affect everyone and are often taken for granted. 


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