Focus Group Fiesta: Discover a New Way to Party

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This article explores how focus groups are pivotal in developing new products at The CLEAR. The company is launching a low-dose tablet designed for both new and infrequent users, aiming to provide a tailored experience for various lifestyles. The unique focus group, conducted as a house party, enables direct consumer feedback in a real setting, which helps refine the product and tailor marketing strategies. Positive feedback from a diverse group of participants indicates the product's potential for enhancing well-being without strong intoxication. This approach highlights the importance of adapting to market needs and understanding consumer preferences in product development. Listen to "Let's Get CLEAR" podcast for more insights into innovative product development in the industry.


Discover a New Way to Party: Must be 21+ in a legal Market to enter

Product development is a critical and intricate process in the fast-paced Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Companies are continually striving to innovate and enhance their offerings to meet consumers’ ever-evolving demands. The focus group is one of the most effective tools in the CPG toolkit, ensuring that products resonate with their target market.

In this discussion, we explore the significance of focus groups in CPG product development and their role in shaping successful products. We join Esa Oittinen, the Director of Products at Clear Cannabis Inc., at a focus group/house party to gauge real consumers’ views on a new low-dose tablet set to hit the market in Q3 2024. In the latest episode of “Let’s Get Clear,” hosted by Monica Pina, listeners get a behind-the-scenes look at how these innovative tablets are poised to revolutionize the industry.

Understanding Consumer Needs

CPG product development involves creating products used daily, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, and cleaning products. This cyclical and dynamic process requires constant adaptation to trends, technological advances, and consumer preferences.

As cannabis legalization expands, the consumer profile diversifies. Esa Oittinen is tasked with developing products catering to new and infrequent users. A significant shift has occurred: new consumers are not necessarily seeking the most potent effects but rather products that complement their lifestyles, whether to enhance workouts, relax over the weekend or assist with daily activities. The CLEAR is introducing low-potency products to meet all consumers’ needs, from mild to wild and everything in between.

The Rise of a Different Demographic

The new product line is designed to attract those new to the market and those skeptical of cannabis. The CLEAR promises a simple, consistent experience that is perfect for any situation. During the particular focus group session featured in the podcast, consumers shared their firsthand experiences and the impactful benefits they observed. These tablets are not just another product; they represent a step toward normalizing use, improving accessibility to new markets, and making it hassle-free for everyone.

A focus group is a research method where a small, diverse group provides feedback on a product. This qualitative technique allows companies to gain deeper insights than what might be possible through surveys or other quantitative methods.


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Focus Group Fiesta

In the context of The CLEAR’s product development, focus groups fulfill multiple critical functions:

1. Consumer Insights: Focus groups in a house party setting provide a direct avenue for understanding how potential customers feel about a product by allowing them to try it in a realistic environment. Whether participants decide to try the product or abstain, this feedback is invaluable as it provides firsthand information about the product’s appeal, usability, and potential improvements.

2. Testing Product Concepts: Gathering feedback on various aspects of a product helps CLEAR better align the product with consumer expectations.

3. Benchmarking Against Competitors: The social environment allows the team at The CLEAR to pinpoint what makes their product unique, what could be improved, and how customers perceive the brand.

4. Risk Reduction: Engaging with potential users early in the development process ensures the company targets the correct demographic when entering the market.

5. Marketing Strategies: Insights from focus groups often extend beyond the product, influencing marketing strategies. Understanding how consumers perceive a product guides the development of effective advertising campaigns tailored to highlight the product’s strengths as perceived by potential buyers.

Consumer Insights and Feedback

During the podcast, Monica engaged with participants ranging from first-time users to those returning after years of avoidance. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the tablet’s subtle yet effective impact on their daily social interactions and overall well-being. Such insights are crucial, as they help potential users understand the product and guide The CLEAR in refining it to meet consumer needs better.

The Importance of Market Adaptation

The episode highlighted the importance of adapting to market needs and understanding consumer hesitations. By focusing on a broad approach, The CLEAR sets a new standard for product introduction in new markets. It’s about creating an enjoyable product that aligns with potential users’ real, everyday needs.

Why This Matters

Introducing these tablets is more than just market expansion—it’s about transforming perceptions of the industry. With an approach emphasizing ease of use, effectiveness, and consumer-centric development, these tablets are poised to become a staple in many people’s routines.

Let the Party Continue (at your house)

As we continue to navigate the complexities of innovation, it’s essential to acknowledge the power of consumer feedback and thoughtful product development. “Let’s Get Clear” provides a platform for discussing these advancements and understanding their broader impact on our lives.

Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or considering your first foray into these products, the insights from this episode of “Let’s Get Clear” are invaluable. Tune in to explore how these innovative tablets are setting new trends in the industry and what they could mean for the future of all consumers.

If you want to host a “Focus Group Fiesta,” please get in touch with Monica Pina at To hear more about these groundbreaking developments, listen to the full episode of “Let’s Get Clear” and discuss how we can all benefit from more imaginative, consumer-friendly product development.

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