Cannabis-Focused Venture Capital Firm Acquires, Successfully Scales The Clear(™) Concentrates Brand

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Cliintel Capital Management Group Overhauls Popular Cannabis Concentrate Brand Through Unique Hands-On Investment Banking Approach

DENVER—DateTK—The Clear(™) cannabis concentrate company was fighting for existence when Cliintel Capital Management Group (CCMG), a unique cannabis-focused qualified institutional investor capital firm, acquired, incubated and grew the company’s assets. Today, The Clear is the among the top concentrate brands in the nation, with distribution in over 2,000 licensed dispensaries in eight states across the United States and counting.

The Clear was one of the first companies to distill cannabis extracts and has been perfecting its process using cutting-edge science and state-of-the-art technology since 2013. Despite its superior product renowned for its potency, purity and golden color, the company was struggling in the Oregon and Colorado markets, nearly extinct in Washington, and barely visible in Arizona before CCMG got involved.

“Before we came aboard, The Clear’s growth had stagnated despite its strong brand name and high-quality product,” said Richard M. Batenburg Jr., CCMG’s veteran Fund Manager and a 35-year venture capitalist. “Cliintel Capital Management Group leveraged our deep resources and institutional knowledge to overhaul The Clear’s business strategy and provide the funding, guidance and infrastructure needed to successfully scale the brand.”

Consumers in eight states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Washington and New Mexico (CBD only) can now access The Clear’s high-quality cannabis distillate concentrates.

CCMG specializes in providing capital for cannabis verticals that include cultivation, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, equipment leasing, media, compliance, training, data, marketing and financing. CCMG is unique in its hands-on, in-the-trenches approach to investment banking. Seeking to directly impact how invested funds are put to work, the firm becomes a true partner to these companies by offering management and logistical support through its sister company Evolutionz Consulting.

By providing quality professional management of venture capital cannabis, CCMG offers investment opportunities that no other firm currently does. The firm’s SEC regulated, licensed and expertly-managed funds demonstrate strong return rates that justify the risk of investing in the legal cannabis industry and appeal to accredited investors, family offices and private equity funds seeking low-risk cannabis exposure.

CCMG is currently raising capital for its fifth fund, the “Cliintel Capital Aggressive Growth Fund V,” utilizing a blind pool equity structure that allows investors equity exposure to licensed cannabis businesses while remaining anonymous. Through its existing investments in various key functions of the cannabis industry, CCMG’s vertically integrated ecosystem consists of captive companies and licensed partners across eight states. The firm is now positioned to control an increasingly large portion of the distribution of cannabis in North America through its growth assets and its latest strategic capital raise.

The companies CCMG invests in receive the benefit of the firm’s expertise in compliance, training, best practices, customer retention management, enterprise software, logistics, marketing, website SEO, banking, accounting, human resources and general strategy direction. Companies also benefit from CCMG’s extensive partnership network that helps advance assets like The Clear in existing and emerging markets. This network increases the value of each partner by connecting over 50 companies so they can work synergistically and strategically navigate the heavily regulated finance and cannabis industries.

CCMG’s management team is comprised of seasoned executives with over three decades of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, marketing, media, finance, real estate, sales and business intelligence. The team has extensive experience establishing, acquiring, optimizing and selling businesses, specializing in rapid-growth mainstream industries. And they have cultivated deep insight into the cannabis industry through the firm’s investments in retail dispensaries, grow operations and greenhouse real estate.

Any accredited investor or qualified buyer can contribute to the active Fund V. Please contact Rick Batenburg, Investor Relations or visit for more information.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Shawna McGregor at CCMG’s agency of record, Grasslands: 917-971-7852 or

About Cliintel Capital Management Group, LLC

Cliintel Capital Management Group, LLC (CCMG) is a premier cannabis venture capital and consulting firm that provides funding to companies in the heavily regulated industries of finance and cannabis. CCMG is the first firm to receive Qualified Institutional Investor (QII) designation by the State of Colorado for its investment fund. CCMG’s portfolio companies provide fee-based operational management to subsidiaries and its consultancy clients. The shared resource model allows CCMG to mitigate expenses, while its consultancy enables the evaluation of potential acquisitions. Major verticals include cultivation, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, media, compliance, training, data, marketing and financing.

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