Colorado’s Only Qualified Institutional Investment Firm

<i>“...the company [The Clear] has a global expansion plan in place, and is pursuing opportunities to expand the brand and license in Canada, Europe, Japan and other Asian markets.”- FORBES
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Richard M Batenburg Jr

Chief Executive Officer 

Richard M Batenburg III

Chief Investment Officer

Monica Pina

VP Investor Relations 




Our team here at CCMG has learned a great deal about this ever-changing nubile industry. We continue to be on the forefront of financial structuring and capital raise for this industry. We have become a Qualified Institutional Investment capital firm with the Marijuana Enforcement Division. This is the first time in the US that this type of license has been issued, allowing our outside investors to own equity in licensed businesses while remaining passive unlicensed investors.

We have invested in various major functions of the industry to create a first of it’s kind vertically conglomerate of symbiotic cannabis companies that are licensed legally through the fund with the Marijuana Enforcement Division and the SEC. We have built a flexible yet stable platform to facilitate the targeted growth model, while maintaining maximum control over operations.

This structure allows us to offer investors a globally unique opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally- managed venture capital fund without having direct licensing exposure to the cannabis industry. Further, federal legislative climate creates an asymmetrical risk to return profile with potential for multipliers not seen typically in more developed markets.

We look to inspire confidence in this new industry by providing our investors with SEC regulated, licensed and professionally managed funds that appeal to accredited investors, family offices and private equity funds looking for cannabis exposure at return rates that justify the risk. Quite simply, we offer something no other firm currently can: a track record, institutional equity holdings in licensed entities and most importantly quality professional management of venture capital cannabis.

Richard M Batenburg III
Investor Relations