How We Support Innovation in Our Portfolio Partner Companies:

American Cannabis Distribution Fund 

Investment Thesis:

The purpose of this fund is creating a multifaceted vertically integrated distribution structure across the United States to facilitate the cannabis THC and Cannabis or hemp CBD. Clientele capital management group already controls as well as merger acquisition activity through licensed and unlicensed entities throughout the United States in North America.

We will accomplish the goal of creating a distribution network by segregating different business aspects into different sub sacks. More specifically creating different silos for the licensed entities and the entities that do not need specific cannabis licensing.

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Fund Size: $50,000,000

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Funding Period: June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019

Hurdle Rate: 12%

Carried Interest: 30%

Fund Term: 5-7 Years /(this may be changed later if we go with an evergreen fund)

Cliintel Capital Aggressive Growth Fund IV

Investment Thesis:

We have invested in  all major functions of the industry to create a ‘first of it’s kind’ vertically integrated conglomerate of symbiotic cannabis companies that can be scaled at national and global levels.

We have created a vertically integrated ecosystem of captive companies that is financially assisted by a investment grade fund instrument. This structure allows us to offer investors a globally unique opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally- managed venture capital fund without having direct licensing exposure to the cannabis industry. Further, federal legislative climate creates an asymmetrical risk to return profile with potential for multipliers

not normally seen in any investment opportunities. Essentially we work to exploit those rifts in legislation and the burgeoning billion dollar industry in the US and abroad. We currently are running operations in CA, NV, CO, AZ, WA,

MI, and OR. We are poised to control a large portion of the distribution of Cannabis in North America.

Current Outlook:

The team has learned a great deal about this ever-changing nubile industry, the one thing that is immensely clear is that we will continue to require capital to scale and grow the many assets in which we are involved. The fund has stayed within 10 degrees of the original plan for its asset makeup however the methodology of acquisition changed drastically. We found that the purchase of going concern or even distressed properties was not a scalable or workable business plan within the time frame targets.

We pivoted to an incubation and startup model given the state of the industry and the lack of feasible targets. The strategy has paid off in that we have built a flexible yet stable platform to facilitate the targeted growth model, while maintaining maximum control over operations. The eco-system as currently in place is vertically and horizontally integrated. This allows for economies of scale while also providing the launch pad for expanded operations.

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This is a platform that allows our current investors to review their holdings in real-time with real valuations much like you would see it in a stock portfolio. This platform is used by some of the biggest and best private equity companies in the world and is often used as a precursor to taking portfolio companies public.

What’s the Investment Process Like?

After selecting which fund you are interested in and what suits your needs you will have a call with our in council attorney, a business development investment specialist and if you choose your attorney or advisor as well. We will send over the Private Placement Memorandum that goes through all of the various scenarios, goals and return of capital for the fund itself.

We will then arrange a tour through our facilities, meet some of our strategic partners, 3rd party shareholders as well as talk to some of the businesses we have acquired and are in various stages of development.