What We Do


Cliintel Capital Management Group, LLC is a unique source of capital for firms within and adjacent to, the cannabis industry. We are true pioneers in the space. Cliintel Capital Group has relationships with the best intelligence in this space to stay ahead of legislation and be uniquely positioned for the next areas of changing regulation.


June 2015, Cliintel Capital Management Group & EvolutionZ were merged to create a premiere cannabis private equity firm; both companies are owned by the same management group and exist to allow us to navigate the heavily regulated industries of finance and cannabis. Internal partner capital was utilized to form a due diligence baseline, as cannabis is an emerging market- this was our first objective in finding viable and profitable entry points. CCMG manages the investment licensing, banking relationships and the financial instruments to provide funding. EvolutionZ provides fee-based operational management to the holdings and our consultancy clients. CCMG/EVO have 50+ cannabis business consulting clients in the United States for whom we are entrusted with handling business functions, specifically: compliance regulations, training, best practices, customer retention management, enterprise software, logistics, marketing, website SEO, banking, accounting, HR and general strategy direction. Our consultancy enables us to evaluate possible acquisitions while being paid to do so. We have invested heavily into infrastructure and expect to be in the black across all verticals by year end. Most individual assets are performing quite well, others requiring our further investment as we continue to grow. Major verticals include growing, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, media, compliance, training, data, marketing and financing

 Cliintel Capital Management Group is composed of a team of business people, who have established, acquired, optimized and sold businesses, especially in rapid growth industries such as field force automation, cloud technology and 3D Printing. Additionally, we have expertise in M&A, Marketing, Media, Finance, Real Estate, Sales and Business Intelligence for the last 30+ years.

We have a handle on the complex legalities surrounding the Cannabis industry, we are the first Capital group of this kind that has the ability and the expertise to accept investor funds, manage companies we acquire partnerships in and help build profitable, sell-able, companies.

We developed expertise in the Cannabis industry by investing into retail dispensaries, grow operations and real estate which houses greenhouses and growing operations. We are also involved in the very pulse of data analytics in the industry.

In short, this is our industry.

Meet The Team

Fund Manager

Richard Batenburg Jr.

Rich Batenburg has been managing many different capital group firms for over 20 years. His specialization in acquisition, optimization and management of businesses allow him to lead the company. Rich has a unique background in various fields that allows us evaluate and to act quickly when we have an opportunity to be assessed. Rich leads the capital group and directs the company vision.

Chief Operations Officer

Mark Radtke

Mark Radtke is a business process and people optimizer. Business problems can be the systems, the general work flows or the people. Mark is the ultimate “hands on” COO who will strategically understand a business, recommend and implement the necessary changes, and make sure the people accept the changes. Mark’s 15+ years experience is invaluable in turning distressed assets into performing ones.

Chief Financial Officer

Justin Pentelute

Innovative and resourceful entrepreneur and business executive. Founded, built, and positioned 3 companies over the past 10 years for successful exit strategies. Most recently grew Syndicated Solar from a start up in 2009 to a $25M / year run rate by 2013. Syndicated Solar was acquired by Real Goods Solar in 2013, where I was the President of the residential business unit for the subsequent several quarters.

VP Business Development

Rick Batenburg

Rick Batenburg spent 3 years at Merrill Lynch as an adviser with a specialty in private equity and alternative investments. Rick was the single most successful adviser Merrill had ever had in the training program -raising over 70 Million in just 1.5 years. Rick provides great insight as to investor behavior and funding needs of projects.

What We Do For Our Portfolio Companies

We bring the following elements to the table. Click on each to learn more.

Your Eligibility

There are certain restrictions on what can and cannot be owned by investors in the Cannabis industry, depending on residence in Colorado and the period of time and investor resides in Colorado. Your qualifications give you eligibility to invest in certain types of funds and dictate what you may own. (Equity and/or profit sharing).

After selecting which fund you are interested in and what suits your needs you will have a call with our in council attorney, a business development investment specialist and if you choose your attorney or advisor as well. We will send over the Private Placement Memorandum that goes through all of the various scenarios, goals and return of capital for the fund itself.

We will then arrange a tour through our facilities, meet some of our strategic partners, 3rd party shareholders as well as talk to some of the businesses we have acquired and are in various stages of development.

Management Support
        Our directors are all seasoned executives, with successful career experience. They see the need for senior management and mature business processes to be brought into this industry.
Back Office Support
        We can help businesses in the space to quickly professionalize. We bring seasoned financial, operational, legal and marketing skills to our partners, enabling our portfolio firms to focus on their core businesses.
Access to Business Talent
        Each of our directors have extensive industry contacts. We make those networks available to our partner companies. We span government, lobbying, law, media, TV, radio, manufacturing, logistics, finance, banking, M&A, real estate and all facets of a successful enterprise.

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