June 2015, Cliintel Capital Management Group & EvolutionZ were merged to create a premiere cannabis private equity firm; both companies are owned by the same management group and exist to allow us to navigate the heavily regulated industries of finance and cannabis. Internal partner capital was utilized to form a due diligence baseline, as cannabis is an emerging market- this was our first objective in finding viable and profitable entry points. CCMG manages the investment licensing, banking relationships and the financial instruments to provide funding. EvolutionZ provides fee-based operational management to the holdings and our consultancy clients. CCMG/EVO have 50+ cannabis business consulting clients in the United States for whom we are entrusted with handling business functions, specifically: compliance regulations, training, best practices, customer retention management, enterprise software, logistics, marketing, website SEO, banking, accounting, HR and general strategy direction. Our consultancy enables us to evaluate possible acquisitions while being paid to do so. We have invested heavily into infrastructure and expect to be in the black across all verticals by year end. Most individual assets are performing quite well, others requiring our further investment as we continue to grow. Major verticals include growing, extraction, hardware, dispensaries, distribution, media, compliance, training, data, marketing and financing.


We have invested in all major functions of the industry to create a ‘first of it’s kind’ vertically integrated conglomerate of symbiotic cannabis companies that can be scaled at national and global levels.
We have created a vertically integrated ecosystem of captive companies that is financially assisted by a investment grade fund instrument. This structure allows us to offer investors a globally unique opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally- managed venture capital fund without having direct licensing exposure to the cannabis industry. Further, federal legislative climate creates an asymmetrical risk to return profile with potential for multipliers not normally seen in any investment opportunities. Essentially we work to exploit those rifts in legislation and the burgeoning billion dollar industry in the US and abroad. We currently are running operations in CA, NV, CO and are poised to control a large portion of the distribution of Cannabis in North America.

The Team